Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Damn the Bard!

Damn the Bard!

Damn the Bard, Damn him I say!
Storytelling and singing for all of the day!
With song in his heart and wisdom on his lips,
He engages my mind and emotions he strips!
With tales of myth he teaches wisdom so fine,
His lessons we learn, those stories do shine!
With voice so fair, and talent so rare,
He takes me to places as though I was there!
With riddles so hard and knowledge so deep,
He keeps me entertained, then sings me to sleep,
With footsteps so light and pace so strong,
He journeys the land, putting foot not wrong!
With smile on his face and humour in his eye,
He's welcomed all over with a hearty cry!
So, Damn the Bard, Damn him I say,
Cos I'd love to be doing it the very same way!

Suzanne Read
19th November 2010

Just a quick post, I wrote this and posted it to Damh the Bard's blog, he responded! Take a look at his blog to see what he wrote! My creative side seems to have come forth in abundance recently, poems aplenty all posted on Deviant Art, if you want to see them, then Im listed as RavenSummerisle, take a look and let me know what you think!

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