Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Beginnings?

Greetings Seeker, and welcome once more to my rambling writing!
Possible name and formal logo of the new working group
New Beginnings

With the Years tentative new start,
Comes the chance to practice our Arte,
With staunch companions by our sides,
Endless possibilities, wide open skies!

 Heeding the Call from Old Ones voices,
Working together, with intent and choices!
By Badger, Fox, Owl and Hare,
Our intent we now Share!

A focus grounded in the past,
Foundations built to last and last,
Core of the group now comes together,
Lee and Sue, Bear and Heather!

Gatekeepers all, holding strong,
Protecting the Group from whats wrong!
Others too will be at out side,
From close and far, near and wide!

Working together with all our Might,
Through the days and in the Night!
Holding together a Sacred Trust,
Do as ye will, Do as ye Must!

Pay the Price if required,
Heed not, if weary or tired,
A sum now greater than its parts,
This is now where it all starts!

From small seed doth huge tree grow,
This be true and this we know!
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Bind Us now as One!

Suzanne Read 7th November (Hekate's Day) 2010

Last night was fun, not only a chance to catch up with an old and dear friend, but once again synchronous thoughts, actions and intent become apparent! Unfortunately due to ill health in one of H's furbabies, (Fern the Cat, please send whatever you can to help her, she is diabetic and has problems, its not sure whether she will recover or move on as yet, but she, H and Andrew are in our thoughts), Andrew and Heather were unable to make it to the meetup and meal at ours, but Bear (Andru) was fetched over by us both, a welcome feast served and plenty of talk and drink flowed as the evening progressed!

Bear is a former HP of the Circle of the Moon Teaching Coven, (to which we once belonged) and counterpart to H (who was HPS of the same), and a dear and true friend, one of those friends who you can go years without seeing, (in truth its been 2 years since we last met up, at the Samhain Rite at Heathers after which we walked away from CotM) but when you get together tis as if no absence has occurred, you feel totally at ease with one another and immediately pick up where you left off!

Big hugs were the first order of business, then a chance to catch up on what we'd all been up to and how life has been treating us all! As could almost be predicted, Bear has found himself being 'told' that his 'group working' sabbatical (with H and us both) is over, that tis time for something new to come, he'd even talked with H about what was happening a few weeks ago, the pair of them had already tentatively spoken about a possible name and format for the group, being less hierarchical than CotM was, and possibly using multiple sites for Ritual, with a focus possibly being an old working area we were familiar with!

We ate well, Homemade Tomato soup, followed by Rissotto and Pumpkin Chilli, followed by Cheese and Biscuits, washed down with a bottle of our Elderflower Wine and Wilkins Cider, with a Damh the Bard album playing in the background! Good food, good company, good drinks and good music plus a topic that we were all passionate about set the foundations for a great (if late) night!

With H and Andrew not being present no real decisions could be made, but concepts, thoughts, focus, intent, Ritual format and locations, Deity and a Birthing Rite (for the new group) were all subjects that were discussed, the Muse was definitely with us as ideas and inspiration flowed thick and fast, our intents and thoughts were aligned and a strong base found for us all to move forwards with.
A possible name and basic logo for the group, no decision made as yet, as without consensus from the Core group, nothing can be decided, all must be in agreement, each will hold power of veto, in all aspects of the Group!
As part of our discussions we looked at where those who could be within the Group live, and where they normally work, and after plotting them on a map discovered it formed a flattened inverted pentacle, so a basic symbol for the group was then discussed, using the inverted pentacle, a stags head to represent the masculine energies (Herne, Pan and Cernunnos were the 3 Gods who immediately came forth, especially to Lee who was listening more rather than firing out the ideas and suggestions that Bear and I were doing, normal for him, looking to his connection to bring forth what is required by the Old Ones, but when he did speak it was with power and heeded by us all!). This would then be surmounted by 2 inward facing crescent moons, not only symbolising the feminine energies (forming a symbolic Yoni), but also forming the 'eye' symbol (inward crescents flanking the dark moon), or the hidden face of the Goddess symbol (Breagha, Hekate, Cerridwen and possibly Gaia were Goddesses that seemed to resonate) I know many consider an inverted pentacle to be some form of negative or evil symbol, whereas it is in actuality a symbol of 2nd degree, and as CotM was a teaching coven (or first degree if you prefer), then it makes sense that the newer group which is the next step onwards takes a symbol that is further along the Path, so it works on many levels!
A possible more formal Logo as produced by Bear
Although we all felt that the new group wouldnt be a hierarchical group, we did discuss the need for a Core group, Gatekeepers who hold the decisions and direction / focus of the group in their hands, all with equal power of Veto, all holding the energy of the group and able to work for the group, which it seems will start with the 4 of us, and then be built upon with others as we see fit and are guided by the Old Ones. Outside of this Core would be others who would belong to the group, both experienced and WIT's (Witches In Training), who would be then admitted to the Core group as their intent, commitment and experience levels reached the correct level. This wasnt discussed as any form of elitism, but more as a means to protect the group and ensure only those who fitted in and were committed to the group were able to make the major decision, although any of the Outer Circle could bring forth suggestions and requests which would then be considered. I normally dont like any form of hierarchy, nor any smack of elitism (been there in my youth and took a long time to get away from its taint, with the foul smell of egotistical behaviours tainting what was done and less honour than was required paid to the Old Ones!), but did feel that this was a necessary part of forming the new group, how it works and whether it is something thats needed going forwards only time will tell!
Another possible formal Logo, to be discussed with all present!

The use of possibly 5 working sites was something we also felt good, not only allowing us to remain unseen by those who could object (by working different areas at different times and not using any too frequently), but also allowing us to hold synchronous Rites if it was not possible to all meet up at one site. It also means that everyone will take their fair share of travelling and equally travel the distances involved (about 1/2 hour by car maximum)

We talked also of using music / singing / chanting / resonance within Ritual, something that I exoerienced in all its glory at the Goddess Hall Samhain Rite (and have experienced at other times when we were with CotM), which was well received by the 3 of us, hopefully this could be something of use without becoming too 'fluffy'! Guided meditations are something we all felt a definite pull towards, so inculsion in most of the Rites is a possiblity, although it will be left to the Ritual Leader of that Rite to decide (we felt having a different person lead each Rite would be a good idea, splitting the workload and making it as inclusive as possible for all present!) exactly what format and how each Rite will pan out, splitting the workload and allowing different styles and knowledge come forth!
Yet another possible formal logo, only time will tell which of Bear's designs (if any) meet with universal approval, or whether some tweaks will still need to be made!

The group will not be Wiccan in framework, although most of us have had some experience within Wicca / wicca, its not where our current paths lie, instead it will possibly be more Traditional Witchcraft based, quarters and elements will be used, but possibly in the older form of the animals, Badger, Owl, Fox and Hare, you may think slightly shamanistic or druidic in format, but it matters not. This is a new group, seeking to reclaim and reconstruct what was once lost, drawing on the influences, knowledge and practices of us all, using what works from the past and our own knowledge and experiences, discarding that which does not work or feel right to us all, which is how it should be!

We would probably be a very balanced working group, focussing neither solely on the Goddess or the God, nor on light or dark, but utilising all aspects as the need arises! We probably wont follow the wiccan tenet of the Rede, 'An it Harm None, Do as Ye Will', but more the 'Do as Ye Will, But Know what Ye Do!' type of guideline! There need be no hang ups that X,Y, Z isnt being used, or that the format is different, its the intent and focus of the group as a whole that matter to us all, as long as we honour the Old Ones, each other, ourselves and the Ancestors, then it is as it should be!

Ritual Libations (Cakes and Ale) were discussed, and we felt that it probably needed to be something personal, homemade food and drink in preference of bought items, the same with other ritual items, a nice part of being beekeepers is that honey, propolis and beeswax are something we can easily source!

A lot more needs to be discussed, and not least we need to get the 4 of us together and make some firm decisions, especially with H being draconic in nature ('Do not meddle lightly in the affairs of Dragons, for Ye are crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!'), but it does feel as though we've made a start, that some great ideas for a firm foundation are out there and who knows, with the Old Ones blessings they will come to fruition!

And as Bear did write..........
'The Raven calls, the Wolf approaches, The Dragon flies and the Bear lumbers on.'

Darkest Dreams


The Hermit said...

Hi there, the above all sounds like a very positive venture indeed :) and I wish you all the best for the possible future you all seem to be shaping for yourselves. I am sure The Old Ones will give their blessings to you all as you work towards your new beginnings.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Hermit, thanks for the comment. Positive, yes, but possibly a fairly darkly focussed group, we all work with Gods and Goddesses that are considered Dark by many, but it works for us! As to what will come of it all, well, its in the lap of the Old Ones, though rest assured we will do all we can to bring it to fuition!
Dark Dreams

Blasé said...

Well, alrighty then!

Your pic is giving me a sore back...

Mrs Dobby said...

Lol, so why would it give you a bad back?

The Hermit said...

Hi Suzanne I think it's interesting that some folks avoid certain deities because they have a darker nature or aspect. okay I've not personally worked with an deity of a darker nature (yet) but I wouldn't rule it out, I think there needs to be a balance within all things, and that should include within Craft practices, we have to embrace the darker aspects as well as the light, if you get what I mean.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Hermit, yes I think I get where you are coming from. I think a lot of folks get hung up over working with Darker Gods because they feel that in some way it may show them something they wish not to see in themselves, or that others may find it of concern, personally I see both the dark and light in life, nature is red in tooth and claw just as much as it is beautiful. I can take as much inspiration from being alone in the woods on a dark and stormy night as I can from being in a place of natural beauty during a sunny day. Balance is definitely everything, and seeing beauty in the Darker aspects is something that more folks need to attempt, afterall, we are all one day destined to experience death, so why should it be something that frightens or upsets us, its as natural a part of life as breathing!

Dark dreams