Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sleeping Dragons and Other bits n bobs!

Sleeping Dragons

Under the ground in hollow hill,
Sleeps the Dragons, living still,
Heartbeats so very very slow,
So their presence few will know!

Mighty race once so strong and proud,
Flew the winds and roared so loud!
Now they lie oh so stiff,
Oft mistaken for a cliff!

Around them now slopes have grown,
Horns mistaken for standing stone,
Nostril seen as a cave,
But dont go in, unless your brave!

Past deeds now reduced to Myths,
In the forgetfullness of times mists,
Once again they could return,
What upheaval that would churn!

Awareness locked in endless dream,
Yet nothing be quite as it seem!
Neath the lonely autumn sky,
Sleeps the dragons, who know why!

Suzanne Read 18th November 2010

Greetings all, dont worry, I havent abandoned the blog, just been called to put my efforts into my writings of late, so I've been posting some of my poetry on Deviant Art, see my profile for the full set of recent works!

Ill post a quick one today, as mundane life is intruding atm, we've a new cooker being delivered and a guy to speak to about our mortgage, its possible we can reduce the cost a bit, so its worth looking at now we are no longer on a fixed rate!

Ill post another couple of poems below here for you to look at, all feedback gratefully received, and if you dont feel this is the place for them, then let me know and I wont post them in future!

I was a Warrior, Once Before

by ~RavenSummerisle

Once before, so very long ago,
I was Warrior, didnt you know?
With shield and sword in my hands,
I went forth to fight in distant Lands!

With trusted brothers by my side,
From no danger ever we shied!
Fighting for what we knew was right,
Fighting for justice with all our Might!

Yet for all the good we ever did,
We may as well have run and hid!
Who's to say whats right or wrong?
Who will remain to sing our Song?

Gone now are my Brothers of Fate,
Gone now in those Wars of Hate!
Battles hard won and battles sadly lost,
For what reason did we pay such a cost?

Friends taken from us before their time,
Bodies broken, left in blood and slime!
Pain, misery and regret were our lot,
But we gave as good as we got!

Time has stripped the strength from my arm,
Time has wracked me with such bloody harm!
Old am I now, my skills have all gone,
Where once they had so brightly shone!

Yet I revel still in memories of what was done,
Of those victories we once won!
What I wouldnt give to feel once more,
The thrill of battle on distant shore!

Suzanne Read
15th November 2010

 This was suggested to me by a poetry monody competition I saw, once I got the first line it seemed to flow with ease from my fingers onto the screen, I hope you liked it!

Facing the Abyss

by ~RavenSummerisle

From yourself you cannot hide,
All the self hate you keep inside,
In agony, alone you must reside,
Knowing in none you can confide!

In the stifling darkness all alone,
Truth, Love and Beauty are not known,
For no sin, yet must you atone,
Face for the world, made of stone!

Life half lived, filled with fear,
No-one else can come near,
No light shines for you to steer,
No-one else be welcome here!

Nothing seems right, all is wrong,
As its been for, Oh, so long,
Feelings inside so very strong,
Different from the milling throng,

Why Me? In agony you cry,
Fit in? You try and try,
Yet with a deeply resigned sigh,
Perhaps its time for me to die!

Shinning blade held against your wrist,
Been here before, too often to list!
Knife held steady in tensioned fist,
You see the picture, you get the gist!

Face the abysss, stand and pray,
Find the strength, then turn away,
Exist once more, if only for today,
There has to be another way!

A path forward becons me,
One small chance lets me see,
A way I can truly become me!
Now, finally, I can be free!

Suzanne Read 16th November 2010
Facing the Abyss recounts the loneliness and horror of having to deal with personal issues that drove me close to suicide in my 20's, dealing with an issue that I'd had as far as I could remember, but none could ever know of, only by coming face to face with the metaphorical abyss could I find the strength to put the knife down and seek help, finding the true reality of who I am and finding a life of happiness, love and things I'd never dreampt possible. I offer it here to try and help those who feel there is no way forwards, that death is their only recourse, I've faced that option, and found it didnt solve anything, strength will come to you when you need it, you can go on!
Ok, thats it for today, will be posting a bit more metaphysical posts in the near future!

Dark Dreams

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