Monday, 1 November 2010

A Warm Welcome

Greetings Seeker, and a very warm welcome to my new Pagan orientated blog!

If you've arrived here, then you are probably wondering what this blog is all about, why has Suzanne started it, (especially if you are visiting from one of my existing blogs - DobbysPumpkinPatch - the allotment blog, or Dobbygraphs - my Photography blog) and whats it all about?

Well, the long and short of it is that after a weekend away to Avalon (Glastonbury) I got a metaphorical rap on the knuckles from the Lady, it seems that she considers that my practices have become secondary to my mundane life, that my creative spark (and the attendant meager talents that I posses) are not being properly utilised and that the time is nigh for all of that to change!
Lee at the Rollright Stones, during a Handfasting we performed for friends in 2005
When I first met Lee (my fellow companion on the Crooked Path, my soulmate, my lover and husband) 10 years ago (on Beltane) my Path was something that became an all consuming part of my life, generating our website (Silver Wolf's Lair - 65 pages, 160K words on all aspects of our practices) and the moderatorship of a large Witchraft online group and a lot of experiences as we learnt together along our Paths. Over time we found ourselves pulled in various different ways, walking a Crooked Path to gain our knowledge and experiencing many things to convert that knowledge to experience and wisdom. We've been members of various groups, practiced solitary and together and found some firm friends along the way, we've experienced the fallout from the break up of a group, have left another group when we found our Path to be taking us in another direction and then found others walking alongside with us!

Yet throughout we have always retained our sense of connection at some level or another, following our hearts and the call of the Mother to do what is needed when it has to be done! There have been times when we've taken a sabbatical, times when we have worked formally and others where its been more informal, and after our latest sabbatical it seems now is again the time for new beginnings, and as the Old Year now dies and the New Year starts with Samhain we find ourselves at a crossroads, with the call of the Lady being heard, the chance of working with 2 of our friends once more, but possibly this time in a newer way and a return to being more creative from myself (part of which is the formation of this blog, a place where I can come and muse, ponder my thoughts and feelings, share my insights and fears, post some of the poetry that I have felt compelled to write and share the occassional picture or photograph.)

So, I've said a lot there, without actually saying much at all, yet I'm sure any who read it will understand where we are, where we are coming from and thus be able to see how much the possibilities that are being put before us could mean, especially if they come to the fruition that I feel the Lady is demanding of us!

Anyhows, Ill sign off the first post here, and continue the story of how the blog was caused to be in my next post! Thanks for reading!
Dark Dreams

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