Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Have you seen the film Earthlings?

 Lost a balance, then cruelty be sure to happen!

 Nature be red in tooth and claw,
This we know, of this we're sure!
Playing their part, Hunter and Prey,
In darkest hour and on brightest day!

Herne, Cernunnos, Cern and Pan,
Woodland Gods, half beast half man!
Bringing meaning and something more,
To those needed deaths, something pure!

Playing their part the dead doth go,
Their blood taken so others may grow!
Horned One comes to take them home,
Where once more they may roam!

Returning once more to the Spirit,
A part again of the world and all in it!
Birth, life and death all play their part,
As its always been from the very start!

Yet today something is very wrong,
One species has grown far too strong!
Mankind is king of all they survey,
This is all for us, so some say!

Lost a balance, lost our way,
Cruelty happens every day!
Far from the eyes of us most,
Far removed from Sunday Roast!

Harm is done in our name,
And we must all share the blame!
Cheap goods come from questionable sources,
Yet there are other resources!

Only alone can we play our part,
Choosing things with unburdened heart!
Buy from those you can trust,
But only buy if you must!

Reduce your burden on the planet,
You can if you try, come on now damnit!
Other species are also here,
They too should live without fear!

There is nought that can taken for granted,
Not meat on plate or seed you've planted!
Chemicals use now out of control,
Are we signing our death roll?

Permaculture shows a new way to live,
Harvesting what crops willingly give!
Living in harmony day by day,
Surely this is a better way!

If we change the way we live,
Take what is given and freely give!
Respect all life in myriad form,
Treat it well should be the norm!

Pagan world views these may well be,
But this is how it doth feel to me!
The world itself needs none to save,
Its Man who will end up in his grave!

Its time for us to make our choices,
Tis time for us to raise our voices!
Its time for us all to be heard,
Tis time for You to spread the Word!

Suzanne Read
9th November 2010

Surfing the net yesterday evening I came across Damh the Bard's Blog, and reading a post brought me to watch a film for free on the net, not something I usually do, but Earthlings is something the like of which I have never seen before! Beautifully shot, narrated with empathy and feeling, covering a difficult subject in a non-judgemental yet sympathetic way, horrific and thought provoking, its something that all should watch, but I warn you, it is disturbing, visceral and portrays our stewardship of the world and all those Earthlings in it in a way that shames me.

As a person who consideres themselves both Pagan and one who takes personal responsibility for their actions, I feel as though I honour Nature, paying homage to the Gods and Goddesses of the forest, doing my bit to protect the wild and reducing my impact upon the planet (growing as much of our food as is possible, keeping bees, recycling and reusing, etc), plus having an interest in ecological issues and nature, yet after watching this film I have to admit, there is more I can and will do!

I'm not saying I will turn vegetarian (I tried it for a month or so once, it wasnt for me at the time), but I will pay more attention to how the food we buy is produced, how the animals are treated and what respect is shown them as they are killed. I will also pay homage to the life that was given in order to feed me, paying respect and using it fully! I know I can live without meat, but a part of my own Truth is that I take responsibility for the death, something I have done in the past to remove a pest (rabbits on the allotment) in a humane way and to use the animal fully once it returned home with us! This may not be for all, nor should it be, but for me it was an important part of acknowledging who I am and my place in the world.

I will also look closer at what clothing and other goods I buy, cheap leather is something I will look at deeply, if I am not happy with how its been produced, then it will no longer be for me! Other goods we normally buy are from sustainable sources whenever possible, but now I think I'd rather do without if its been produced in a way I cannot condone!

I am not saying that others should do the same, nor feel obliged in any way, its up to you to make your own choices, its up to you to use your voices! Yet if you do watch this film, then be prepared to have your eyes forced wider open, not all these practices happen everywhere, there are those who respect and humanely treat their livestock, and its towards these as enlightened consumers that we should turn, I know our Pagan pounds are hard earned, and wont go as far compared to the cheapest food from the supermarkets, but to my mind its a price we have to pay!

Dark Dreams

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