Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tru;y a Witch, a poem

Truly a Witch

by ~RavenSummerisle

What does it mean to be a Witch?
Its not about chasing a golden snitch!
Lucky Black Cat and Pointy Hat?
There's no real need for all that tat!

Watching Charmed on the telly?
Tattooing triskelle on your belly?
Singing along to Practical Magic?
Oh, dont be so bloody tragic!

Watching Twilight and New Moon,
Cant wait for the next one 'coming soon'?
Angel and Buffy are your Heroes?
Get a life, their only TV shows!

Hung with Silver everywhere,
Eager for disapproving stare!
Teenage fad thats 'oh so cool'?
Dont be such a rebellious fool!

Bookcase filled with TeenWitch books?
Huh, money taken by corporate crooks!
Shelves filled with crystals so fine?
Dont so waste your bloody time!

All these are thing any Witch may choose to do,
But doing them does not a Witch make you!
Being a Witch means none need see,
Being a Witch means you have to be free!

If you truly seek to be a Witch,
And you need to find your own niche,
Then it is inside that you must look,
Wisdom does not come from a book!

Look to the Old Gods to light your way,
Listen carefully to what they might say!
Pay heed to who They really are,
Walk with them as you journey afar!

Honour Maiden, Mother and Crone,
Now within the seed is sown!
Honour, Child, Hunter and Sage,
Learn the wisdom of every age!

To see your future then look to the past,
Look to the Ancestors, legion so vast!
Honour them all in your own Rites,
Connect with them at Sacred Sites!

Learn from those who came before,
Take heed of their experience and their Lore!
Practice your Art by night and by day,
But form your Rites in your own way!

Learn to listen to whisper half heard,
See the real in picture half blurred,
From your eyes let the blinkers fall,
Let yourself truly perceive it all!

Become aware of all thats around,
The Other realms you have now found!
Learn the ways to travel between,
Learn from all that you have seen!

Honour the Sabbats of the wheel,
They will truly help you to feel,
Learn from the changes of the Seasons,
Learn the lessons and their reasons!

Get out into the Woods late at night,
Beneath full moon, oh so bright!
In the darkness work your Rite,
Within the Goddess's sacred sight!

Find your connection to the ground,
Make your own roots viable and sound!
Connection to the land growing so strong,
As you write your own individual song!

To your own heart you must be faithful,
Even if others find it really distasteful!
The Crooked Path you've chosen to walk,
Will wind along with many a fork!

Let the ego deep inside die,
Let your spirit soar and fly!
Loosen the fetters of society,
No need for personal notoriety!

If these things you so choose to do,
Then to Old Ones you will show honour true!
You will no longer have need of labels,
As their blessings are enabled!

Then Pagan Priest(ess) you will become,
To Your true self you will succumb!
Druids, Witch, Heathen and Shaman!
All good labels for any honest Pagan!

This of course is my own take,
Tis not Mankind who a Witch do make!
Your own choices you must make,
Whether within you wish the Gods to awake!

But be aware that oaths do bind,
That the Old Ones will again you find,
In future lives you will return,
Once again a Witch, once more to learn!

Suzanne Read
29th November 2010

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