Tuesday, 7 December 2010

See now the world in a new light,
As most of it is hid from sight,
Like some darkly cancerous blight,
The fog that descends in the night!

Wrapped in veils of frigid moist air,
The fog now holds you in its snare,
Of world around, you become unaware,
Barely half seeing all that is there!

Sounds now deadened by the mist,
Noise of footsteps cease to exist,
You are too powerless to resist,
As reality succumbs to subtle twist!

Grey blanket covers all like a cocoon,
Then through the fog the trees do loom,
Skeletal branches seen through the gloom,
Like fingers silhouetted against the moon!

Cold air in your throat like a blade,
Within your lungs it does invade,
Feeling like your flesh with ice is flayed,
I bet you wish inside you'd stayed!

Streetlight gives off sickly lurid glow,
Illuminating nothing that you know,
Leperous light it does bestow,
Neath it nothing good will grow!

Temperature drops a little more,
Frost coats all with spikey hoar,
Myriad details it does now obscure,
With crystals so small and so pure!

Winter scene from Christmas Card,
Now the ground is frozen hard,
All around with light is starred,
Like glints from a crystal shard!

Suzanne Read
6th December 2010

Inspired by the recent unending fog we've had for the past few days, I hope you like!

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