Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Holly King - A Poem

Hidden deep in the forests darkest gloom,
Will you find a special, secret room,
Walls of trees, overhead branches loom,
Like some strange Hall or wooden tomb!

In the center stands great blaze,
Into the air the flames do raise,
Painting all with deep bronze glaze,
Lighting all in these dark days!

Laid on tables oh so wide,
Feast of fruits down each side,
Forest residents with hooded eyes,
At this feast are now all spied!

Beyond feasting tables lies a large throne,
Made from wood and bone and stone,
Over all of it the Ivy has now grown,
On top of it the snow has blown!

Sat in throne looking so very fine,
With eyes so brown that they do shine,
Lined face of beauty, so benign,
How could he be thought so malign?

Frost lies coating old mans beard,
He is One who's coming is feared,
The land below He has cleared,
As with snow it is now smeared!

Winter is a needed part of life,
Cold months with all their desperate strife,
Hunger abounds and is now rife,
As it cuts at belly like a knife!

He is Winter incarnate, Holly King,
He doth death and cold now bring,
Yet in depths of midwinter do we sing,
Of returning Sun, of coming Spring!

Dark half of the year doth He rule,
From summer heat to frost so cruel,
Yet think him not some kind of fool,
His reign doth end at coming Yule!

He does no more than play his part,
Coating world with His works of art,
Then for other lands he doth depart,
As growing season does now restart!

To his brother he does now atone,
As Oak king now doth take the Throne,
Once more his solar might is now known,
And once more are the crops now grown!

Suzanne Read
7th December 2010

Inspired by the recent cold temperatures and snow, hope you like!

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