Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Crash - A poem

A split second is all it takes,
As foot hits hard upon the brakes,
Tyres squeal as car begins to slide,
Yet you know, you will collide!

Time seems now to flow so slow,
As if each second takes a minute to go,
Each and every detail you do spy,
Is now etched deep into your minds eye!

Slow motion picture now unfolds,
Your agonized attention it now holds,
The face before you horror filled,
The woman you know you will have killed!

Blonde haired, the face of a Mother?
Blue eyed, perhaps someones sensual lover?
Smooth soft skin, does she use face cream?
Red glossed lips now open in silent scream!

Adrenalin pumps into your blood,
Heart rate soars, yet does no good,
Body reacts and starts to shake,
Dread now makes your insides quake!

Mass of machines coming together,
As though tied with invisible tether,
Like wild animals trying to mate,
Sensual and erotic if not for fate!

Cars collide, metal on metal,

Ripping open like some exotic petal,
Shattered side window, glass takes flight,
Catching myriad gleams in the light!

Horn blaring, glass shatters, metal screaming,
Oh how you wish you were only dreaming!
Shock of impact jars you to the bone,
Against your seatbelt you are thrown!

Now inside you begin to scream,
As her head comes forth to hit windscreen,
Dull thud heard as forehead now hits,
Bones crushed, skin slowly splits!

Whiplash throws her back into the seat,
Yet you know she's not complete,
Her life is gone, her spirit departed,
She's moved on to realms uncharted!

Misshapen now is her forehead,
Evidence of impact that left her dead
Crimson blood trickles down her face,
Drops dripping to stain collar of lace!

A split second is all it took,
For you these lives to unhook,
You can cry until you are hoarse,
But nothing will now slake your remorse!

Suzanne Read
5th December 2010

Inspired by a slippery drive to work

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