Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Samhain Rites - the Veils are still thin............

As stated in my last post, last night was our Samhain Rite at home, circumstance kept us from performing the Rite any closer to Samhain itself, but as the first frost was yesterday morning (an old sign of the date of Samhain), the synchronicity and symbolism worked well for us both.

The living room was prepared, candles and incense lit, and then a feast was prepared and a dumb supper held, with 'Lady of Avalon' by Heloise Pilkington playing quietly in the background (beautiful soulful music that lends itself to use in Ritual).

Following this a small but meaningful Rite was held, the Circle was cast as per the powerful, beautiful and simple ways of our Coven, Witchenwood, then the Ancestors welcomed with words from our Hearts.

A time for reflection and meditation followed, once more I travelled to the shores of Avalon, crossed through the mists on a punt to meet with my Beloved Dead and the Ancestors Legion Vast, a connection was made, tears shed, joy re felt in their presence, Lady, Willow and Belladonna (our fur babies who have crossed the Rainbow bridge) were again present, along with Mr Biggles, my dog from many years ago, a family member and a Craft Sister also came forth to greet me, along with my unborn son, Simon, visible as both child and young man, then several of the Ancestors allowed themselves to be seen individually. All too soon it was time to leave, and with more tears a farewell was made.

Returning to my body was to find Poppy slightly worried as although we were both physically present she could sense we weren't all quite there on another level, as she became concerned she decided to whine, bark and generally do her best to bring us back!

Lee found himself in a forest glade, to be greeted and acknowledged by Herne and Cerridwen, no words were spoken, nor needed.

A second meditation to check some of the results experienced at our Coven meet on Sunday also worked well, but as the results are to do with Coven techniques I cannot share them here.

Cakes and Ale followed, then the Rite was ended, thanks given and the circle closed. As always time seemed to flow differently and the temperature in Circle was higher than it should be, normal side effects that we are used to.

Following the Rite we were both wiped out physically and an earlyish night was had, we both slept like the dead.

Beautiful, moving and fulfilling, as a Samhain Rite should be!

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