Sunday, 3 November 2013

Another Year has passed......

Once again I return, the mundane life challenges that have kept my attention away from where it is supposed to be have now been addressed, time is now right for a return to a focus on the more Spiritual and Craft aspects of my Crooked Path.

To sum up the past two to three years, I stood up at work for what I believed, spoke out (through an allegedly anonymous Staff forum) against changes that were for the worse and found myself being pushed out, something I fought for 18 months, but as my heart was no longer in it I eventually left a job I had been doing for 23 years. 4 months of job hunting and recovery from being completely burned out and I started a new position, one that promised much, but didn't deliver, one that I couldn't fully engage in due to the nature of the industry, boring and mundane to the extreme and unfortunately not really my cup of tea, but it paid the mortgage, although prevented our traditional Samhain trip to Glastonbury. I stuck it out for 18 months, and then up popped a dream job, application went in and I was successful in obtaining it. I now work as a Trainer / Assessor within the Cycle Industry, visiting apprentices throughout the NW of the UK to help train and develop the next generation of Cycle Mechanics, as one who has always had a passion for bikes it is an absolute dream job, I get paid (reasonably well) to visit bike shops and talk bikes, it can't get much better than that!

Due to the required focus on the mundane for the past 18 months I haven't had much chance to practise my Craft, don't get me wrong, the connection is still there and when the need has been felt we have done what was required, but nothing formal was planned or done, this started to change this year.

Once it was confirmed I had my new job life immediately seemed to change for the better, the stress that had crept back in and the job security, money worries and work life balance problems all seemed to melt away. For our holidays we weren't able to get the normal dates, and had to take August Bank Holiday week, which meant camping at Shell Island was definitely out, so instead we planned a trip to Cornwall, staying in a refurbished Barn on the edge of Bodmin moor (middle of nowhere:)), with an overnight stay at The Covenstead in Glastonbury on the way back.

A visit to The Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle, followed by Tintagel, then 2 nights of exploring Cornwall, including being led to the Hurlers Stone Circles on a beautiful moonlit night, our Crooked Path was once more beginning to move forwards. Cornwall is beautiful, a place with definite connection, but the stay in Glastonbury was something we were both looking forwards to.

Staying at The Covenstead was amazing, luxurious, lush, fantastic decor and Adele is the perfect person to run such a wonderful place, warm and friendly greetings indeed from one who has more experience of the Craft than most, a connection was made and we immediately booked for Samhain this year and Beltane for next.

On returning home we both felt a new vitality and a renewed purpose in exloring our Paths, more was done at home and out and about, then a new group was brought to our attention Witchenwood that seemed to be just what we were looking for, less Wicca, more natural and BTW, we immediately applied only to find the group was being formed by 2 friends and former Covenkin!

The group is still forming, but regular meetings are happening and a connection has been made, unfortunately we weren't able to make the Samhain Rite as we had booked for Glastonbury, but none the less it appears to be where we are needed at this time.

Our Samhain / Wedding Anniversary trip to Glastonbury was amazing, 2 nights in the Halloween Honeymoon suite, again a fabulous welcome from Adele, and The Covenstead was magnificent in it's Halloween decorations, over 200 trick or treaters visited between 6 and 8 pm!

Whilst the Trick or Treaters were having their fun however, the invited adults and guests were having some quite in-depth conversations of their own, more connections were made and much wine and spirits did flow.

After 3 days of connection, relaxation and shopping we returned home on Friday (7 hr hellish trip due to the traffic - seems like someone is trying to tell us something each time we come home), ready for a trip to Leeds to see Damh the Bard last night! Awesome night, awesome gig, awesome guy!

Tonight we are off to a New Mooon Rite with the Coven, I know I need to start writing again and will hopefully be doing so in the near future, but thanks for reading.

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