Monday, 4 November 2013

Old Samhain.................

Hmm, synchronicity occurred today, we had our first Frost of the Autumn, something that some of those within BTW consider to be the actual date of Samhain rather than the more accepted 31st October, which as we have been away over Samhain and busy for the past 2 nights (Coven meeting last night and Damh the Bard concert the night before) coincides rather nicely for our planned Dumb Supper and Samhain Rite tonight!

Samhain is/was the Celtic New Year, also a Sabbat Festival when the veil between this world and other realms is considered to be at its thinnest (also occurs at Beltane), a time when our Ancestors and Beloved dead can cross the veil and walk from the Otherworld into this one, for which reason offerings were left at the doorstep for them in order to placate and allow them to return at the end of the night.

Instead of leaving the offerings at the threshold a 'dumb supper' means setting an extra place at the table and serving food in order for those of the beloved dead present and who wish to partake of the food may do so.

As to whether the veils are at their thinnest because of the Sabbat, or because most Pagans generally believe them to be (and consequently they are as a result of our belief, or perhaps even they are no thinner than normal, just that we are more aware of them) I shall leave for yourself to make up your own mind.

I hope whenever and however you celebrated Samhain and honoured those who came before it was a fulfilling and powerful Rite, that gave you what you needed at the time.

Dark Dreams

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