Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Revisiting a classic......

Following the Spiritual OD of the past week neither of us is ready to come back down to mundane reality, yesterday left us both feeling disjointed and wanting more, wanting to maintain the high level of connection, so last night we decided to relax and watch some TV, nothing seemed to be on, and Lee went up to look at the DVD's, and amongst the choices was the Robin of Sherwood boxset, have to say it was no choice between that and the others, so 1st disc of the 3 series was put on and watched in entirety.

Quality wise it isnt brilliant, especially on a large plasma TV, but when viewed through the PS3 with it's upscaling programming it becomes watchable. Have to say it was wonderful, Clannad music, pagan spirituality ('Stag Man, me likee Stag Man' - as was said by Damh the Bard last week), good cast and acting and beautiful locations, methinks we have found something to watch over the next few nights that will sate the cravings!

If you haven't seen Robin of Sherwood (which was made between 1983 and 1985), and if you have an interest in pagan spirituality, then I would recommend you take a look, a lot of the Lore is very close to being spot on (some bits had to be changed to protect those watching who may have tried to recreate without having the background knowledge), and the ethos and feel of the program feels very right to us both.

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